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We work with all leaders who wish to leave a positive legacy.

frequent pain points

The People + Science tools and frameworks are built for leaders who experience the following pain points and need to think differently. We help solve “people issues”.

Difficulty meeting 2023 legal and regulatory compliance around WHS psycho-social hazards, respect@work and culture issues.

Difficulty with change and transformation projects.

Disengaged teams and exhausted leaders. Employee churn over 20% per annum.

Little to no innovation. Customer high churn rates.

High cost mergers and acquisitions combining two completely different organisational cultures.

Limited resources and a need to identify high potential, high impact priorities.



Industries we work with

The People + Culture Audit

ACTION REQUIRED 2023: New legislation across Australia has made imperative for organisations to conduct a People and Culture Audit to ensure compliance of Workplace Health and Safety Laws. 


Participate in our research

Are you a member of a board or report to a board? Participate in our Annual benchmark survey.


Conduct a Competency Assessment of your leadership team

Based on the book Legacy Leadership – The emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis. Developing internal leadership training, succession planning and upskilling of current and emerging leaders. Look at our training sessions for your inhouse teams. Limited availability – maximum of 12 participants per intake.


Our success

How we’ve partnered with organisations to identify their greatest risks, and turned them into their greatest achievement.

We take the privacy and confidentiality of our clients very seriously. We will not identify the organisations we work with so we will provide examples where organisations and people are protected.