Who We Are

What Frustrations do we solve

How our People + Science "people intelligence" tools help leaders

Critical decision-making is necessary to drive better performance and mitigate both organisational and personal risk.

1. Reduce leadership and team fatigue (focus on psychological safety and well-being

2. Identify risk early enough to take positive action - thus reducing personal risk

3. Navigate the complex legal and regulatory compliance around people + culture

4. Reduce human costs (health, well-being and human labour costs)

5. Drive customer and stakeholder advocacy to drive growth & innovation

6. Assist create an innovative culture with strong product development and management

7. Increase the success and reduce the negative impacts of of change and transformation projects

Why Now?


01 Legal + Regulatory Compliance


02 Margins and performance


03 High degrees of organisational and personal risk


04 ESG - this is the "S" and "G"


05 Need for innovation and customer centricity


06 Fight for good employees

Who we are

Who we are

Our mission: Create positive impacts and connections.

At People Plus Science we are committed to working with our clients and partners to create a positive impact through human engagement and connection.

We focus on your greatest challenges and turn them into your greatest achievement.

We support and nurture legacy leaders. Focusing on problems of today to serve well into the future. 


How do we do this


How do we do this

We build frameworks, tools, products and services to provide greater insights to give you and your teams confidence, certainty, connection and motivation to help people thrive.

We provide deep insights to identify unseen factors influencing the decisions people make and their behaviours. We use neuroscience, consumer behaviour and research to identify solutions that will help the individuals, the teams, the organisations prosper.

We consult, we share, we educate, we speak, we advise, we train.
We work with organisations of all sizes, with different goals and objectives and different cultures.


Guiding philosophy

Guiding philosophy


Our Partners

Our Partners

We recognise that some problems are greater than one level of expertise, or a single company can solve them alone.

We believe that science-based solutions are essential to constructing solutions and systems that create positive human impact.

Our ability to deliver on this means that we collaborate and partner with businesses, associations, advisors, consultants, designers, technologists, engineers and strategists with their own toolkits and experiences.

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