The Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety + Care


The Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety + Care

Equip and support your leaders with the knowledge, controls and confidence they need to minimise psychosocial hazards, foster psychological safety and well-being.


The Butterfly Effect

Small Actions. Big Impact.

Are your leaders ready to transform workplace safety and trust? Discover how our innovative blended learning program can empower them to:

Assess & Minimize Psychosocial Risks: Equip your leaders with the skills to confidently identify and assess complex and dynamic workplace psychosocial hazards.

Improve Psychological Safety & Trust: Create environments where open and honest conversations thrive, addressing psychosocial safety issues before they escalate.

Co-Create Controls & Monitor Impact: Integrate evidence-based controls into daily operations, ensuring all reasonable steps are taken to minimise risks.

Our team of experts in organisational neuroscience, resilience, leadership, psychosocial safety, wellbeing, and change has designed a cutting-edge program tailored for your needs.

Real-Time, Experiential Learning

Enhance your leaders’ skills with six immersive hours of live training, available in-person or online. Through five comprehensive modules, leaders will learn to:

  1. Identify psychosocial hazards
  2. Master psychologically safe conversations
  3. Implement care controls to minimise risks
  4. Map existing psychosocial safety gaps
  5. Foster psychological safety

Outcome: Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety and Care

psychological safety - challenging the status quo

Evidence-Based Toolkit

Provide your leaders with an extensive suite of ready-to-use psychosocial safety tools, including assessment tools, checklists, posters, playbooks, cheat sheets, and conversation guides. This toolkit, uses current legal case studies and practical examples to provide simple, actionable steps to move beyond compliance. 

Outcome: Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety and Care

P+S Knowledge Tools

Real-World Impact Projects & Coaching

Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Leaders will apply their new skills in real-world projects to improve psychosocial safety within their teams, guided by group coaching calls and culminating in a one on one review of the real life project plan.

Outcome: Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety and Care

Sustainable Train-The-Trainer Options

Make upskilling your leaders affordable and sustainable. Choose our Train-The-Trainer option to equip your internal team with the resources they need to deliver the Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety and Care within your organization.

Outcome: Certificate in Leading Psychosocial Safety and Care

All materials are provided in easy-to-share formats, ensuring your leaders can effectively use them with their teams.

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Cost: $1997+GST per person

Minimise Psychosocial Hazards....

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