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Wednesday 5th July, 2023 @ 12:00 noon (AEST)   

Learn how to be compliant. How to get established quickly. How to move beyond compliance. What are the 3 tests to check when establishing. 

Special Guest Presenters - Rachael Pandeli  and Fleur Hannen
Hosted by Carolyn Grant People Plus Science

Strong emphasis for Home Care Providers: With the pressures of compliance deadlines and increased scrutiny over clinical governance and consumer care. It is critical that Aged Care Providers start working now.  BQ-Care are working with providers as an "on demand" service with external expertise in advisory, governance, clinical care, workforce strategy and consumer care. 

 Governance + Advisory Duties + Responsibilities
Accelerating your Governance Boards and Advisory Bodies.
How to ensure compliance and what really matters.
Wednesday 5th July, 2023 @ 12:00 noon (AEST)
The Panel
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Rachael Pandeli | Presenter
CEO + Home Care Provider +
Clinical Assessor

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Carolyn Grant |
People + Culture +Innovation + Governance
People + Science

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Fleur Hannen |  Presenter
CEO and Governance + Aged Care Expert
Critical Success Solutions
   STRICTLY LIMITED SPACES - When They're Gone... They're gone!
Home Care Providers only please. 

Let us help you create an action plan for meeting compliance with regards to Advisory Bodies and Governance Boards. 
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Here's what some of our valued clients say...
and we could not be prouder of the success they have enjoyed
 As both an experienced clinical nurse, ex-worker in the commission and a current Home Care provider - there is no one more qualified or eager to help the industry than Rachael Pandeli.

As a People and Culture thought leader using predictive analytics allowed me to assess the future risks and costs to the business and address them through practical interventions." 

Fleur provides a unique insight into the Governance Board and Advisory in as both a clinician and a board member.  My business is in safe hands with Fleur.

With so much compliance, identifying, setting up and managing all the requirements around Advisory and Governance boards was just something I needed help and guidance with - and fast. 
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