Whitepaper Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 (Aust)

Whitepaper Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 (Aust)


People + Science Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020-2021 (Aust) PDF and complimentary PowerPoint version. $19.75 inc. GST


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Driving performance whilst mitigating personal and professional risk.

The Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark is a research project which seeks to annually gauge the psychological safety within the boardroom, to understand the impacts on decision-making and highlight priorities for boards and executive leadership teams to perform better and mitigate their risk.

*The Psychological Safety Benchmark interviewed executive and non executive board members. In addition to C-suite executives.

Why Psychological Safety matters

A psychologically safe environment is one whereby people feel part of the team, feel comfortable asking for help, sharing information and challenging the status quo, without the fear of negative consequences. These factors are essential to critical decision-making within our leadership teams (board, committees, or executive leadership teams) and lead indicators of performance and risk metrics such as innovation and customer-centricity future litigation and ultimately profits.

Critical decision-making is necessary to drive better performance and mitigate both organisational and personal risk.

  • There is a positive correlation between psychological safety and the quality of decision making
  • There is a positive correlation between psychological safety and the advocacy from the board and leadership team for future roles in the organisation
  • 25% of strategic decisions made in the boardroom are highly effective
  • 13% of people and culture strategic decisions are highly effective
  • 35% of leaders feel that they are highly effective in the boardroom
  • 4 out of 10 board members feel psychologically safe
  • 3 out of 10 board members have high levels of trust

The level of psychological safety is the key driver of high quality decisions within a boardroom. If organisations wish to drive performance and mitigate risk – they need to measure, monitor and evaluate psychological safety at all levels of the organisation.

– Carolyn Grant, People + Science.