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Assessments - opportunities for growth

The People Plus Science Assessment tools are reflection and growth tools that provide snapshots and quick indicators.

Assessment tools are great to close the perception gap, identify areas for growth and opportunity and provide a red flag for individuals and team leaders.

Some assessments are free tools available to all with insights delivered within 48hours. Others are used in our workshops and training.

Indepth insights need to be conducted via the People Plus Science Audit.


The People + Culture Audit -
Psycho-social hazards@Work

ACTION REQUIRED 2023: New legislation across Australia has made imperative for organisations to identify and mitigate psychosocial risks in the workplace.  Aged Care providers will need to ensure that this is completed with all their workforce and consumers! Change management, burnout, bullying and harassment are all identified psycho-social hazards. Increased liability for boards, executive management and team leaders who do not comply.  Understand your obligations and build a plan of action. Think everything is “fine”. Take a quick assessment to see if you are a leader who fosters psychological safety? What would your team say?

psychological safety - challenging the status quo

BURNOUT - are you or your team suffering?

Burnout is a high risk factor in sectors like Aged Care where demands are high and resources are stretched.  Burnout is also an identified psycho-social hazard that needs to be mitigated. Take a free burnout assessment for yourself or for your team. Think your team might be at risk? Book a session to work with your leadership teams and employees to create positive and thriving workplaces. 

Book our training program for organisations at risk of burnout or experiencing burnout.   


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