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Psychosocial Hazards@Work

ACTION REQUIRED 2023: Psychosocial Hazards + Respect@Work

New legislation across Australia has made imperative for organisations to identify and mitigate psychosocial risks in the workplace (WHS).  Lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities, poor change management and communication, job demands, bullying and harassment are all identified psychosocial hazards. In addition Respect@Work laws create an additional onus on leaders to “create positive work environments” – this is more than risk management. This is about communication, change management, processes, procedures and cultural norms.

There is an increase in scrutiny and increased liability for boards, executive management and team leaders who do not comply.  Understand your obligations and build a plan of action. 

psychological safety - challenging the status quo

Board and Organisational Psychosocial Hazards

Better insights. Evidence based. Confident leaders. The difference is doing it “right”.
Done right, leaders can realise greater profits by focusing on a “people first strategy”. With increased scrutiny from government, employees, customers and community, businesses can no longer be complacent about workplace environments, psychological safety and cultural norms.  

Types of Hazards
Types of risk caused by unaddressed hazards


The People Plus Science Approach moves beyond minimal compliance and provides evidence and analysis to give our leaders confidence that personal and organisational risk is managed and a pathway to foster positive workplaces.

+ We assess what is working and what is not

+ We assess foundational values such as trust and psychological safety

+ We assist organisations with low levels of trust

+ We assist organisations who wish to optimise the benefits and see business growth and value out of wellbeing initiatives

+ We work with governance and risk organisations, investment funds and other organisations to assist the cultural risk of organisations.

+ We assess customer risk as a result of internal processes, procedures or organisational cultures.

+ Designed for lasting change not a “check and flick”

+ We work with legal experts to keep you updated and connected.

BURNOUT - how to deal with staff burnout?

Burnout is a high risk factor across all industries right now. In particular with our leaders in boardrooms to executive leadership teams to clinical supervisors and CEOs.  Burnout is also an identified psycho-social hazard that needs to be mitigated.  Some teams might be at risk more than others, other teams might be at risk at different times than others. Importantly, as leaders you need to know how to deal with employees who are suffering from burnout. Book a discovery call today.


We partner with experts.

We work with Governance  + Risk Management team to provide services their clients.

We work with a number of partners to provide support to leaders and their teams. From training on trauma, clinical psychology, customer codesign, clinical governance, organisational design, assessments and training.