What is Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is a lead indicator of team performance, organisational and personal risk.

How Psychological Safety impacts people + organisations.


of employees have felt bullied or harrassed at work.



of employees are not engaged at work.

(GALLUP 2021)


Australians attempt suicide every year



of employees
have taken time
off work in the
last 12 months for
mental health.


of board members
believe their
decision making is
compromised due
to psychological
safety in the



of Australian
employees are
looking for a
new job.



of employees
take out their
frustrations on

Why does Psychological Safety matter?

A psychologically safe environment is one whereby people feel part of the team, feel comfortable asking for help, sharing information and challenging the status quo.

These factors are essential to critical decision-making within our leadership teams (board, committees, executive leadership teams) and lead indicators of performance and risk metrics such as innovation and customer-centricity future litigation and ultimately profits. 


Psychological safety is a condition in which you feel:


Included, and a sense of belonging, fostering; strategic direction, cultural competency, Psychological Safety, neuroscience of leadership, mitigating bias, values and behaviour guides.


Safe to learn, empowering; change management, upskilling/reskilling workforce, transformation projects.


Safe to contribute, fostering; problem-solving, critical decision-making, Customer Centricity, engaged employees.


Safe to challenge the status quo, fostering; innovation, critical decision making, human led design, codesign.



What Psychological Safety is (and is not), exactly.

Psychological Safety is a belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, alternate views, questions, concerns or mistakes.

It is currently a Workplace Health and Safety regulatory obligation to assess, measure and take action to correct psycho-social hazards. The Commonwealth and State Governments recently committed to ensuring that psychological safety was emphasised in the WHS Acts and are issuing notices to boards, directors, executive leaderships teams on breaches.

Psychological Safety is not about being nice and getting along. It’s about giving and receiving feedback, intellectual debate, openly admitting mistakes, learning from each other, and giving each other permission to initiate and improve. This means creating very clear rules of engagement, consequences of misconduct and clarity around the purpose and roles of all participants. Without the accountability frameworks, we are creating unprecedented levels of uncertainty and fear which is driving defensive behaviours and decision-making which is not in the best interests of anyone.


When you should invest in Psychological Safety?

It’s normally a good sign that it’s time to engage a specialist when you’re considering:

• Prior to, or immediately post a merger or acquisition
• Prior to listing on the ASX, or any other public stock exchange
• Prior to purchasing a business
• Churn rates of over 30% experienced in your organisation
(customers or employees)
• Prior to investing in large projects.