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  The emergence of a new leadership model
after more than a decade of crisis.

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   Legacy Leadership has six core foundations which should be the focus of all leaders, emerging leaders, managers and influencers. They are the foundations upon which Legacy Leadership is based.

With these foundations in place, the twelve principles provide the guidance in optimising decision-making when leaders are cognitively challenged.   

Inside you'll learn more about.
Psychological Safety
Driving Performance
Leadership Responsibilities + Duties
Organisational Risks
+ Opportunities
Next Steps
 About the author 

Carolyn wears many hats as an advisor, researcher, author, consultant and founder of People Plus Science, Valid8 Innovations and 6peas marketing. She is the author of the book and professional competency and training framework Legacy Leadership. Carolyn works with organisations to successfully navigate transformation with a deep understanding of people plus science.

People Plus Science creates tools and frameworks founded in neuroscience to improve the "human experience + drive positive outcomes". The People Plus Science tools support emerging and future leaders improve decision-making, leadership, team performance and risk mitigation and customer experience.

Tools include: People + Culture Audit; Psychological Safety Assessment and Benchmark; Organisational Resilience Score; P+S Communications Framework, P+S Trust Diagnostic, P+S Customer Advocacy Assessments; Ignite Leadership, Accelerate Leadership and Foundations in People Plus Science Training.

Carolyn McSweeney-Grant
People Plus Science
Founder and CEO
 How do you want to be remembered? 
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The emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis

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"By using the People Plus Science framework 6Peas was able to highlight key unidentified risks in the organisation, affected teams, and the compliance risks involved. We were able to secure great support from our leadership team, our board, and elected members. As a People and Culture thought leader using predictive analytics allowed me to assess the future risks and costs to the business and address them through practical interventions".
"Carolyn provided an introduction to the foundations of an evidence-based leadership, Legacy Leadership, which helps leaders to manage complex and diverse environments.
As a presenter and speaker, I would highly recommend Carolyn. Her insights and foundations are intriguing and the tools she provides are very valuable to any current and emerging leader". 

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