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One tool across multiple organisation "critical" moments.

The biggest issue we face with research and data analytics is that we have so many different legacy systems. Our teams operate in silos and the visibility of the executive leadership team is getting narrower. 

People Plus Science have diagnostic tools that work with the most “critical” and fundamental process that determine success or failure – employees, customers and stakeholders and product /service management.

We measure the things that matter if you wish to forecast “people and product” risk and identify opportunities for accelerated growth with smart resource allocation.


Forecast "People Risk"

The biggest risk organisations face today and will continue to face tomorrow is “people risk”. People are at the heart of innovation, service, security, change and transformation. How can we get better at identifying the root cause of “people risk” whilst at the same time meeting the growth potential of our business…. using People Plus Science.

Organisational and Team based engagement, risk management, compliance,  and performance.

Customer Experience, Strategy and Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Valid8 Innovation Readiness Score

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