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*For every survey completed we will be donating $1.00 to the Mater Little Miracles Foundation.


Our goal is to learn, diagnose, collaborate and co-design environments that are psychologically safe.

Psychological safety has a direct correlation to the quality of decision-making, organisational performance, mitigating risk, customer advocacy, mental health and shareholder value.

However, there are many inputs that create a psychological safety environment. We continue to research and explore these elements. 

Our goal is to build strong organisational foundations that drive organisational resilience, nurturing our people and driving organisational performance (in harmony, not competition). 

So, please share your experience and story in the boardroom – we are looking for participants in our research to share their experiences as decision-makers in the boardroom. You might be a board member, chair, on the executive leadership team. We are looking to provide an industry benchmark on the effectiveness of decision-making in boardrooms.

Highlights of the Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark Australia 2020/2021 can be downloaded for free here .


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Boardroom psychological safety

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