What we Do

What we Do

We identify your greatest risks and partner with you to turn this into your greatest achievement.

We work with all areas of your business:









Our tools are based on data, facts and root causes to accurately diagnose and solve “people” issues. We do this in partnership with our leaders and managers (current and emerging).


Our Tools

Our Tools

P+S Knowledge Tools

Our tools give you the knowledge you need to make good decisions, provide clarity, inspire confidence, connect and engage, create a positive impact and leave a positive legacy in your organisation.

Unlock the science behind your organisation and your people. Recognise the true value your people bring to you.

Let us turn your greatest threat into your greatest achievement.


Learn how to unlock the potential of the organisations you proudly work with. Differentiate your services with science frameworks to assist leaders along their journey.

We invite partners, consultants, agencies and associations to become accredited in our tools and be supported by the People + Science brand.


How we do it

How we do it

People + Science is the home of the Organisational and Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark and the People + Culture Audit.


New legislation across Australia has made it imperative for organisations to conduct a People and Culture Audit to ensure compliance of Workplace Health and Safety Laws and Respect@Work legislation.
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New legislation across Australia has made it imperative for organisations to conduct a People and Culture Audit to ensure compliance of Workplace Health and Safety Laws and Respect@Work legislation.
Book a review today.


Looking to scale and grow – does your business rely on innovation, shared learning and customer centricity – then you need your teams to be thriving not surviving. Is your board ready for the new law with regards to Respect@Work and psychosocial hazards? Has your board conducted a psychological safety self-assessment in the past year? Has your organisation conducted a People Plus Culture audit in the past year? What progress are you currently making with your staff engagement. What is your current churn rate? Are you ready to be responsible for the mental health and well-being of all employees. Let us help you prepare.


There is increased scrutiny on the deliver of services to our customers, clients and patients. New regulations are encouraging (some cases demanding) customer advisory bodies and an increase in patient care. Understanding the critical journey of customers is important when managing priorities and resourcing. Delivery of services, access to services and adoption of technology means it is critical to understand our customers better. Talk to us about setting up customer advisory boards, conducting customer research, journey maps or communications strategies. 


Having a clearly articulated purpose, and strategic intent is critical if businesses wish to engage employees, inspire leaders, exceed customer expectations and develop a culture that enables that strategy to succeed. With our current resourcing issues, digitalisation, customer growth and increased competition – being very clear about your strategy is critical.  How much is your strategy being informed by your customers, key stakeholders and employees. What is the organisational experience you are delivering to all stakeholders? Is it time to realign strategy to the current environment? Talk to us to cocreate a strategy day (virtually) or in person.


Based on the book “Legacy Leadership – The emergence of a new leadership model after more than a decade of crisis”. Book leadership development and upskilling for current leaders, emerging leaders and those who just wish to improve their social and communication skills.  Developing internal leadership training, succession planning and upskilling of current and emerging leaders.
Look at our training sessions for your in-house teams. Limited availability—a maximum of 12 participants per intake.


Best Practice Advisory Boards are a great idea if your Governance Board or management team needs support, you have a particular project, or you have a particular challenge.

We work with organisations by establishing, reviewing and evaluating advisory boards. Carolyn Grant is both a Certified Chair and Advisor. 


Often we have the right policies and procedures drafted but in practice, they do very little of what was intended. We work with you to provide accountability frameworks, decision-making matrices, and risk management around your “people”. 

Our tools use predictive modeling so we can forecast your exposure to risk (legal, regulatory, reputational, financial and performance).

Our reports are not “sanitised” we tell you like it is so that you can take corrective actions (with or without us) to mitigate exposure to risks.



There are a number of ways you can work and partner with us. And we are open to them all.

  • We can become a part of your internal team
  • We can be an external consultant, advisor or facilitator or mentor.
  • You can become accredited to use our tools
  • You could co-collaborate in terms of our research, papers, projects.


We work with all areas of your business:


People + Science Dashboards

Founded in science. An accurate diagnostic of root causes. Evidence-based. Insightful. Targeted.

Our people are dynamic and ever changing, responding to our environments. Our People Plus Science dashboards assist business leaders by giving them insights that are actually a forecast and current view of the organisational risks,  actionable, long lasting and directly working on the root causes of organisational concerns.


Do you understand your legal and regulatory requirements?

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Are you compliant?

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